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Application notes

Application notes
  1. Application note 01: Biotinylated Anti-HSA-HSA Binding
  2. Application note 02: Small Molecule Binding Reproducibility
  3. Application note 03: Thermodynamic Analysis
  4. Application note 04: Small Volume Injections
  5. Application note 05: Combining SPR and Electrochemistry
  6. Application note 06: High Throughput Antibody-Antigen Analysis
  7. Application note 07: Small Molecule Analysis
  8. Application note 08: Capture Analysis
  9. Application note 09: Concentration Analysis
  10. Application note 10: Capture vs. Coupling of Antibody
  11. Application note 11: DNA Binding to Zinc Complexes
  12. Application note 12: Phage-Antibody Selection using a Reichert SPR Instrument
  13. Application note 13: Serum IgG Antibody Binding
  14. Application note 14: Epitope Identification and Affinity Determination of AB specific Antibodies by online SPR-MS
  15. Application note 15: Epitope Identification and Affinity Determination of Horse Heart Myoglobin Binding to Myoglobin Antibody by online SPR-MS
  16. Application note 16: Endothelial Cell Attachment to Matrix Proteins and Hypersmolar Response Quantified using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)
  17. Application note 17: Measuring White Blood Cell (Leukocyte) Recruitment Onto Substrates Bearing Vascular Adhesion Molecules
  18. Application note 18: Surface Plasmon Resonance and Vaccine Research – Developments in Malaria Research
  19. Application note 19: Using Reichert’s Flexible Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrumentation for Surface Chemistry Research
  20. Application note 20: Reichert Surface Plasmon Resonance used for HIV/AIDS research
  21. Application note 21: Reichert Surface Plasmon Resonance used for the study of aptamer based macromolecules
  22. Application note 22: Reichert Surface Plasmon Resonance used for kinetic analysis and epitope mapping of monoclonal antibodies

Comparison of Biomolecular Interaction Techniques (PDF download)