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Read what scientists and educators are saying about Reichert SPR Systems.

»We use the Reichert SR7500DC SPR for routine measurement of protein-DNA interactions and are impressed with the sensitivity and reliability of the measurements. We particularly like that the system is very robust and designed with an open architecture for self-maintenance. Tubing and spare parts can be easily replaced by the user, and there are also very detailed videos from Reichert. It is more affordable than other systems on the market without sacrificing sensitivity or ease of use. We also appreciate the great Xantec support. Even with minor problems during the measurement, we were able to reach Xantec's experts directly without waiting and we were helped right away.«

Anna Jonczyk
LIMES Institut
Universität Bonn, Germany

»Our team since several years develops SPR set-ups for analyzing bacteriophage interactions with bacterial cell wall glycolipid components. For our research we fully rely on the large variety of sensor chip surfaces available at Xantec. Recently we also purchased a Reichert SR7500D instrument. The simple two-channel format is very useful for exploring new experimental set-ups and for teaching. We consider it as a main advantage that we can address all questions concerning immobilisation chemistries or specific instrument settings directly to the experts at Xantec. We very much appreciate their very direct and personal technical service and the expertise of the Xantec team where we immediately get helpful and friendly advice for our SPR experiments.«

Dr. Stefanie Barbirz
Institute of Biochemistry
University Potsdam, Germany

»While looking for a sensitive, easy-to-use and practically unlimited SPR system, we found our way to Xantec. The hardware/software were clearly designed to offer versatility and fast method adjustment, as well as easy cleaning and maintenance. The system delivers high resolution data over a broad range of molecule sizes and works well with both isolated interaction partners and whole human cells. Xantec's excellent customer support is definitely worth mentioning: a friendly phone call gives useful advice within minutes on choice of chip surface, method optimization and more! Highly recommended!«

Dr. Manuel Brehs
University of Vienna

»By this letter, I would like to attest that I have purchased two different surface plasmon resonance (SPR) devices from Reichert Instruments, Inc., most recently their dual channel SPR system. We have found these instruments to be of significant value in the conduct of our research because they are sensitive, stable, and reliable. In addition, we have consistently found the Reichert technical support staff to be responsive, responsible and extremely helpful. Hence, I am completely satisfied with my experience with Reichert, Inc., their products, and their personnel. Please feel free to contact me by any of the means indicated at the masthead of this letter if you would like any further information.«

Jeremy W. Thorner
William V. Power Chair in Biology
University of California, Berkeley
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»Using the SPR Biosensor 2SPR we routinely obtain reliable surface plasmon resonance measurements for a whole spectrum of protein-protein and protein-small molecule interactions. The sensitivity of the machine and diversity of SRP chip surfaces available absolutely convince. XanTec is the biotech equivalent of the high-quality independent bookstore - no phone queues, no impermeable kits, black-box machines or all-fits-one solutions. You can directly talk to experts who care and benefit from their extensive knowledge and enormous enthusiasm.«

Prof. Blanche Schwappach
Director of Biochemistry
University of Goettingen

»The first time I had the chance to test a Reichert SPR system, I was immediately impressed by its modular design and its robustness: using a Reichert SPR system the docking of chips is a new experience since the operator is directly docking the chip himself - simply by placing it on top of the optical unit followed by fixing the flow chambers on top in less than 1 min. Another feature I appreciate a lot is the "open" design which also applies to consumables (e.g. tubing and sample tubes). Finally, the most important point is that these benefits do not come at the cost of sensitivity: The Reichert system we have tested - and which we have purchased - is not only highly sensitive, but also more affordable than other systems on the market. As a bottom line: we are really happy with our Reichert system.«

Dr. Christoph Schmidt
University Hospital Ulm

»My group purchased the Reichert 2SPR machine in December 2013, based on the wish to have a robust, user-friendly machine with high-sensitivity and low running costs. What can I say? Our expectations have been absolutely fulfilled! The machine has been used by my PhD student, a complete newcomer to the field. Helped by intensive online coaching from Xantec Bioanalytics, he was able to quickly generate publishable data covering a challenging protein-drug interaction (low MW and solubility). Since then we have used the machine constantly for measuring protein-protein and protein-drug interactions.«

Prof. Dr.Markus Geisler
University of Fribourg

»We from the Helmholtz-Institute of Pharmaceutical Research Saarland like our Reichert SPR machines for their easy handling and intuitive software, allowing the direct determination of biomolecular interactions. However, we appreciate even more the great customer service offered by Xantec Bioanalytics. They are always within reach, very professional and fast in problem solving.«

Dr. Kristina Hüsecken
Research Scientist Drug Design & Optimization
Helmholtz Institute, Saarland

»Our insitute decided to use the Reichert SPR as the system is highly flexible. Xantec played an active part in helping us to familiarize ourselves with SPR technology. Over time we have come to appreciate that the Xantec support service is constantly uncomplicated, easy to get in touch with and that they respond speedily.«

Dr. Dirk Müller-Hagen
Technical University Berlin

»We have been using Reichert SPR systems for protein-protein interaction studies, e.g., ligand-receptor interactions, antigen-antibody interactions. The instrument produces reliable kinetic and affinity data, which greatly advances our programs. The SPR instrument is user-friendly, and the cost of the sensor chips is low. Overall running of the instrument is very cost-effective. In addition, the field application specialists are very helpful. They have an in-depth knowledge about the instrument, and always answer questions and solve problems in a timely fashion.«

Jay Hou
Eleven Biotherapeutics

»Our department purchased a Reichert 2SPR instrument in December 2011 and I have been the main user of this instrument since. Before purchasing the Reichert 2SPR, I had the opportunity to work with Biacore/GE SPR instruments for many years. I am very pleased with the data I obtained using the Reichert instrument. The feature I like best is the robustness of the fluidics system (tubes and flow cells). This design allows the tubing to be easily replaced at a low cost when it becomes clogged or damaged.«

Estelle Leclerc
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
North Dakota State University

»The Reichert 2SPR system has become an integral component of our lab's work flow of evaluating antibody fragments. We are running straight media samples in a high-throughput fashion - no buffer exchanges. It's working out fantastically for screening. This instrument is amazing. It's dependability and low cost of operation ensures that we are able to produce the data we need without fail. Not to mention, the instrument's sensitivity is unmatched, which saves time and money by allowing us to eliminate sample cleanup.«

Melinda Verdone
Stablebody Technologies

»Using the Reichert SPR System, our undergraduates perform kinetic analyses of antibody-antigen interactions. The open configuration and modular design of the Reichert system helps students learn what is actually happening in the course of an SPR experiment. These insights would probably not be gained as quickly with the 'black box' design of most other instruments.«

Dr. Shivaun Archer
Senior Lecturer, Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Instructional Laboratories
Cornell University

»SPR is an ideal instrument to show the connection between the theory in Physical Chemistry lecture and biochemistry examples. Students appreciate biochemical examples of important physical methods. Students also appreciate learning cutting edge research skills in their courses. The instrument is intuitive and easy for first-time users. My students also enjoy working with the system since the data is acquired in real time. This enables them to tell if an experiment is working on the fly.«

Dr. Thomas Shattuck
Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry
Colby College

»I have a Reichert SPR instrument in my laboratory. We purchased our SR7000 several years ago. Since that time, we have added an autosampler to assist in our experimental design and sample handling. We have carried out protein-protein interaction studies as well as protein-carbohydrate studies. We have published our work in the journal Protein Science among others. I am very satisfied with the instruments and the support provided.«

Julia Oxford
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Boise State University
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