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*** The NEW SPR-PLUS concept *** The NEW SPR-PLUS concept *** The NEW SPR-PLUS concept ***

Valve Manifold – three valves, many possibilities

The SPR-PLUS Valve Module represents the switching center and universal connector between the high sensitive 2SPR system and all other devices. 3 biocompatible HPLC valves allow numerous hook-up combinations for integration of aqueous and organic solvent based setups as well as for low and high pressure systems.

Figure: SPR-PLUS valve manifold
Figures (left to right):
2 6-port 2-positions HPLC injection valves
5-port 4-positions HPLC valve
µ-column (50 µL bed volume) in stainless steel cartridge holder connected to valve manifold

The valve module consists of:

The arrangement of these low dead volume, biocompatible valves allow a multitude of fluidic arrangements connecting either upstream- and downstream analyzers and/or incorporating columns for preparative SPR approaches.

All valves are controlled independently by the SPR-Autolink software in its Plus version this either manually controlled or fully automated within command runtables. The commands are added to a runtable in the system software by drag&drop which guarantees a high degree of comfort and flexibility.


Application(s): Antibody engineering, biosimilar research, self-interaction chromatography, LC-SPR etc.