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Comparison of
SPR systems

Number of flow channels42
Fully automated / semi automated configuration/–/
Information provided
Kinetic and affinity data (KD, ka, and kd)
Thermodynamic data (ΔH)
Refractive index
Data presentation
Real-time monitoring of sensorgrams
Online reference subtraction
Result tables
Result plots
Instrument operations
Buffer degassing (* requires degassing unit)*
Buffer selection valve
Temperature range of flow cell (°C)10 – 7010 – 70
Injection volume (µl) fully automated systems1 – 40001 – 4000
Required sample volume injection volume +15-30 µLinjection volume +15-30 µL
Injection volume (µl) semi automated systems (requires Semiautomatic Valve)1 – unlimited
Sample storage temperature (only with autosampler)4°C or ambient4°C or ambient
Unattended operation (only with autosampler)> 48h> 48h
Detection limit (MW)No lower limit for organic molecules< 100 Da
Sample types
Biological sample types
LMW drug candidates (incl. DMSO-containing buffers)++++++
Proteins, peptides (also DNA, RNA polysaccharides, lipids), in various sample environments (e. g. plasma and serum)++++++
Cells and viruses in various sample environments (e. g. plasma and serum)+++++
Non-biological samples
Pure solvents (DMF, EtOH, DMSO etc.)+++
Concentrated acids, or bases +++
Viscous solutions and suspensions e.g. of polymers, nano particles, colloids++++
Compatible Flow cells
4-channel flow cell (60 nL flow channel volume)
2 channel µ-flow cell (80 nL flow channel volume)*
2 channel standard flow cell (140 nL flow channel volume)
2-channel static cuvette**
2-channel microscope flow cell**
2 channel quartz window flow cell**
2 channel electrochemisty flow cell**
2-channel high temperature flow cell
Compatible system components
Diverter valve (required for 2 channel µ-flow cell)integrated
Semi automatic injection valve
Degassing unitintegrated
Software controlled pumpintegrated
21 CFR Part 11 compliance
Remote maintenance / instrument diagnostics
Preventive maintenance by user

**in 2-channel detection mode