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2SPR Dual Channel Surface Plasmon Resonance System

2SPR Dual Channel Surface Plasmon Resonance System

Our 2SPR pushes the limits of detection and sensitivity in label-free interaction analysis.

The 2SPR Dual Channel System is the next generation of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology with incomparable sensitivity and high-quality binding data for interaction analysis - all in a flexible component-based platform. The key to the system is the advanced 2SPR Dual Channel SPR Spectrometer instrument.

The 2SPR label-free system generates data on critical interactions between proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates, small molecules, whole cells, bacteria, viruses, and polymers.

The 2SPR System is used in pharmaceuticals, drug discovery, antibody screening, protein structure and function, gene regulation, and systems biology.

Exceptional sensitivity in the 2SPR System provides real-time data and is ideal for:

Advantages of the modular component-based design

Technical Specifications: 2SPR
Measurement channels2
Sample loadingAutosampler or SAV
Temperature range10-70°C
Degassing unitOptional degassing unit
Flow rate range1-1000 µL/min with SR8500 pump
21 CFR Part 11 complianceyes
Sample volumeWith SAV 1-5000 µL with Autosampler 1-1000 µL
Refractive index Resolution< 10⁻⁸ RU
Refractive index range1.33 – 1.40 (@780 nm)
Analyte concentration range1 mM – 1 pM
Minimum molecular weight detection< 100 Da
Baseline noise0.05 RU RMS @25 µL/min
Baseline drift< 0.01 RU/min
Association rate constant 10³ – 10⁷ M⁻¹s⁻¹
Dissociation rate constant10⁻¹ – 10⁻⁶ s⁻¹
Equilibrium dissociation constantmM – 1 pM
Available flow cellsµ-flow cell, UV-, electrochemical flow cell etc.

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