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*** The NEW SPR-PLUS concept *** The NEW SPR-PLUS concept *** The NEW SPR-PLUS concept ***

Introducing SPR-PLUS: Combine SPR with MS, preparative LC and other techniques

XanTec bioanalytics, in collaboration with a leading international pharmaceutical company, has customized a setup that expands the capabilities of SPR beyond the traditional applications:


Based on the Reichert SPR systems, a whole range of new modules has been developed that allow users to break new ground in SPR and eliminate the limitations of all SPR systems available on the market.
For the first time, a commercially available SPR system is capable of processing preparative amounts of analyte as well as it could be connected to upstream or downstream analyzers like LC or MS.
Furthermore, with the development and integration of a pneumatic gradient pump, XanTec has integrated a new and hitherto unknown but very efficient feature into an SPR system.

SPR-PLUS – The "Swiss Army Knife" in your Laboratory