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*** The NEW SPR-PLUS concept *** The NEW SPR-PLUS concept *** The NEW SPR-PLUS concept ***

SPR-PLUS Gradient pump – A unique feature for SPR applications

The pneumatic gradient pump was designed to evaluate analyte dissociation/binding conditions effected by pH, salt or detergents in an effective, precise and fast approach but increases also the flexibility of your SPR experiment. Now it is possible to switch immediately between different running buffers in one experiment e.g in multi-step assays under different binding conditions. Furthermore the gradient pump can be used for supplying independently different buffers/solvents in different positions in the workflow.

Figure: Pneumatic gradient/2channel pump incl. degassing unit

Benefits compared to standard syringe pumps are no pulsation, the faster response time, no refill spikes and drastically reduced occurrence of air bubbles and no backpressure issues.

Figure: An internal compressor pressurizes a fluid vessel, resulting in the displacement of fluid from the vessel. An internal flow sensor measures the flow rate. Pressure and flow rate data are monitored by an on-board microprocessor which makes adjustments to the pressure system when needed.

Application(s): Antibody engineering, biosimilar research, LC-SPR, SPR-MS.