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SPR Sensor chips

With SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance) and diverse surface chemistries, scientists have discovered an invaluable tool with which to investigate molecular and cellular reactions in fields including immunology, molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry, as well as many others.

The quality of the data obtained with this technology depends mainly on the sensor chip surface, as it is here that the biomolecular interaction takes place and is transduced into an optoelectronic signal.

XanTec bioanalytics provides laboratories worldwide with the ultimate in SPR biosensor chips via superior coating technologies. Our proprietary technology, developed over more than a decade ago, solves a number of critical issues usually associated with state of the art Self Assembled Monolayer (SAM) surface chemistry. The coatings are robust and prevent exposure of hydrophobic nanodomains or pinhole defects which can cause non-specific interactions. As the chemistry is extremely versatile, a large choice of topcoats is available to specifically address different experimental needs.

Not only do we feature the largest portfolio of sensorchip coatings and chemistries in the world, we offer the versatility to work on a number of different instruments and in varying formats. The chips fit into instruments of all major manufacturers. In addition, we provide customized sizes or can coat alternative substrate materials.

Compatible sensor chips and prisms
Bruker™ / Sierra Sensors™
Sartorius™ / ForteBio™ / SensiQ™
Reichert SPR
BioRad™ ProteOn®
IBIS MX96® prisms
IBIS/Kinetic Evaluation Instruments™
Instrument compatibility of XanTec's SPR Sensor chips/prisms. Other manufacturers are covered by OEM contracts.

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