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Immobilization Kits, Buffers and Reagents for SPR biosensors

SPR is able to provide a wealth of information, but consistent and reliable results require care in the choice of components. Buffers and reagents are a critical, but often overlooked, factor in SPR measurements. XanTec bioanalytics provides a wide range of buffers for use in SPR and microarray slide production. All of our buffers are produced from triple-purified water and analytical-grade pure reagents, and are filtered to ensure their sterility. Our commitment to quality ensures that your experiments will succeed.

To simplify purchasing requirements, XanTec also provides a number of kits containing all of the reagents required to perform protein labelling and immobilisation. Details of these kits, available for both SPR chips and microarray slides, are given below. If you have any questions regarding the correct choice of reagents, please see our Tech notes section or contact us for personal assistance.