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Custom coatings

Our wide range of nanocoatings is not only available for SPR Sensor chips and slides but can be applied to other substrates as well. A flexible surface modification process allows the derivatization of many other materials with exactly defined biocoatings - such as planar monolayers or three-dimensional hydrogels with thicknesses ranging from a few nm up to one µm. You can choose from a great variety of coating materials and chemical functionalities from which a large part is listed in the sensorchip section. In addition to that, we are able to coat other substrates with different substances according to your specifications.

A selection of coatable substrate materials is listed below:

Inorganic DielectricaMetals and AlloysPolymers
Silicate-based glassesNoble metalsPolystyrenes
Glass-ceramicsTransition metals of IUPAC groups 4 - 11Polycarbonates
Oxide ceramicsCermetsPolymethacrylates

The above-mentioned nanomodifications have a great variety of applications to control surface properties of bulk materials. Some examples are:

In a nutshell, the examples given above illustrate a selection of possible uses. Contact us for more information. We are happy to learn about new applications and to discuss how we can use our know-how in order to optimize the quality of your products.