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SR7000DC Surface Plasmon Resonance System

SR7000DC Surface Plasmon Resonance System

The SR7000DC SPR System provides SPR technology for label-free biomolecular interaction analysis.

Our SR7000DC SPR System is an innovative label-free detection system offering unparalleled flexibility and remarkable sensitivity for biomolecular and biochemical analysis. Designed for breakthrough discoveries, it is component-based and cost-effective; upgrade or add instruments at any time. The system is low maintenance, using off-the-shelf fluidics.

Use our exclusive collection of flow cells with the SPR spectrometer and perform SPR in combination with electrochemistry, fluorescence, photochemistry, mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography.

Configure the SR7000DC System with these components: the SR7000DC SPR spectrometer; autosampler, for automated injections, or the semi-automatic injector valve; diverter valve, and programmable syringe pump.

The SR7000DC SPR System is ideal for acquiring high quality kinetic, affinity, and thermodynamic data for biomolecular interactions.

Modular component-based design

Alternative configuration
Alternative configuration
Technical Specifications: SR7000DC
Measurement channels2
Sample loadingAutosampler or SAV
Temperature range10-70°C
Degassing unitOptional degassing unit
Flow rate range1-1000 µL/min with SR8500 pump
21 CFR Part 11 complianceyes
Sample volumeWith SAV 1-5000 µL with Autosampler 1-1000 µL
Refractive index Resolution5x 10⁻⁷ RU
Refractive index range1.33 – 1.42 (@780 nm)
Analyte concentration range1 mM – 1 pM
Minimum molecular weight detection> 200 Da
Baseline noise0.15 RU RMS @25 µL/min
Baseline drift0.01 RU/min
Association rate constant 10³ – 10⁷ M⁻¹s⁻¹
Dissociation rate constant10⁻¹ – 10⁻⁶ s⁻¹
Equilibrium dissociation constantmM – 1 pM
Available flow cellsµ-flow cell, UV-, electrochemical flow cell etc.