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Microarray slides

XanTec bioanalytics has developed a selection of hydrogel coated slides for both DNA and protein microarrays. DNA microarrays require low background signal, and minimal intra- and slide-to-slide deviation is crucial. Spotting is usually a straightforward process, as DNA is relatively robust. On the other hand, protein microarrays are more delicate. Proteins can't be immobilized on the same types of materials, for they are extremely sensitive to the physical and chemical properties of any particular substrate. In addition, protein interaction surfaces must be bioinert and have to provide a much higher immobilization capacity than that required in DNA microarrays. Therefore, our microarray slide portfolio is specialized and divided into DNA and protein sections.

Microarray slides

Information on our high capacity HC hydrogel coatings can be found here:

Short brochure HC Hydrogel Slides

For technical details, please check our technical notes on substrates for protein and for DNA microarrays:

CX DNA Microarray Slides
HCX Slides for Protein Microarrays

The HC hydrogel coatings for protein microarray spotting have been used successfully in highly selective cell separation and immobilization. You can find more information on this award-winning application here:

Affinity Cell Separation with HC slides

Slides for DNA microarrays

Product descriptionSlides / boxProduct code
Amino, high functional group density.5SL A-5
50SL A-50
Polycarboxylate, preactivated 3D hydrogel. High functional group / charge density.5SL CX-5
50SL CX-50
Epoxy. 5SL EP-5
50SL EP-50

Slides for protein microarrays

Product descriptionSlides / boxProduct code
Biotin immobilized in HC polycarboxylate hydrogel.5SL BHC-5
50SL BHC-50
Carboxymethyldextran, standard.5SL CMD-5
50SL CMD-50
Dextran hydrogel, standard.5SL D-5
50SL D-50
HC polycarboxylate hydrogel, aldehyde derivatized.5SL ALHC-5
50SL ALHC-50
HC polycarboxylate hydrogel, amino derivatized.5SL AHC-5
50SL AHC-50
HC polycarboxylate hydrogel, NHS activated.5SL HCX-5
50SL HCX-50
HC polycarboxylate hydrogel.5SL HC-5
50SL HC-50
HC polycarboxylate hydrogel, disulfide derivatized.5SL THC-5
50SL THC-50
HC polycarboxylate hydrogel, hydrazide derivatized.5SL HHC-5
50SL HHC-50
HC polycarboxylate hydrogel, hydroxyl derivatized.5SL OHC-5
50SL OHC-50
Ni²+ ions complexed  in HC polycarboxylate hydrogel.5SL NiHC-5
50SL NiHC-50
Protein A immobilized in polycarboxylate HC hydrogel.5SL PAHC-5
50SL PAHC-50
Streptavidin immobilized in HC polycarboxylate hydrogel.5SL SHC-5
50SL SHC-50